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    Neil Harvatt

      George Van Dam lead the way home on the White course at Bingley St Ives on Sunday. This another success for George who is still in his first full year of Orienteering.  He has also won the Yellow course at such varied places as Pickering, Skelder and Haw Park.  Well done George!

      If George was please with his run, the Field family must have been over the moon on the wayhome with three first places achieved by Joe (Yellow), Yasmin (Orange) and Zac (Brown).  It was a family 1-2 on the Brown course with Dad, Dean five minutes behind Zac in second place.

      Is it just a coincidence that these five runners all regularly attend the Beverley Club Night? (Mondays 6 to 7:30pm, Longcroft School)

      Other HALO results (aplogies if I have missed anyone):-

      Brown: Neil (5th); Paul (20th)          Blue: Jake (6th); Pete (14th), Rosie (33rd); Brian (34th)

      Green: Helen (8th); John (22nd)       Light Green: Maria (18th)                 White: Emma (5th)

      Despite these good results the day will be best remembered for Brian Slater disproving the long held theory that what goes down a Portaloo, stays down!  Next time you see him approaching a Portaloo, don’t be surprised to see him equipped with a rubber glove on one hand and a peg on his nose. He reports that, despite a good washing, his dibber seemed a little on the slow side.  Nevertheless, he enjoyed his run, not least because no-one ran within 50 metres of him during his course!

      Full results can be found on the AIRE web-site at

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