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    Brian Slater

      The New Year coaching started with technique training – ‘aiming-off’ and indoor ‘route choice’.  As you will see from the map I had placed 6 control sites as ‘starts’ (triangles), and some controls to be found, marked as circles 1 to 9.  The starts had a large ‘kite’ attached but the circles were marked with small markers (10cm X 10cm) laid flat on the ground.  We used head torches as it was quite dark.  The added challenge was that there was another marker ( 5m to 7m) to each side of the correct control.  Therefore the participant had to record the middle ‘kite code’ only.  The most efficient way to do that was to aim-off to one side or the other using the compass; firstly finding the end kite then secondly, turning appropriately to find the next ‘kite’ which would be the middle one.  Those who did not aim off adequately would have to check all 3 ‘kites’ to ascertain the middle one.  Phew!

      All came back with either a ‘full-house’ or just 1 missed.  Caroline on her first session got a ‘full-card’.

       Having warmed-up at the beginning of the session, an interval session was popped in between map activities.  Participants did 10 X 75m at a fast pace.

      The indoor session used a map of the badminton courts interspersed with obstacles intended to represent uncrossable fences which were then navigated around each choosing what they believed to be the shortest route; results link here. 

      More of the same (aiming-off) next week using a bigger area of the Oasis site with longer distances.

      See you then – have a few runs at the weekend – Chambers Wood, Saturday (LOG event).


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