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    Peter Harris

      Today there may be 90ish days to the start of the Olympics, but  there are only 40ish days to the other big sporting event of 2012, namely the HALO anniversary relay.

      Neil has volunteered his services to captain/co-ordinate HALO team(s) from the North Bank. So anyone wishing to run that side of the Humber should contact him accordingly with details of preferred length of run and preferred area and preferred times so that he can plan the logistics accordingly. There are no hard and fast rules – groups can run together, runners can do more than one leg,any distance can be run etc. The only restriction is for Under 16’s  should be accompanied or marshalled at road crossings by fellow team mates.

      As no one has volunteered South Bank I shall co ordinate teams. A register of interest board will be at the next Poacher Event. Or alternatively email .

      Good luck also to anybody wishing to try to organise a dual team where the same runners compete against themselves running legs both North and South, by transferring to the other side of the Bridge after running their first leg before they run their second. I am sure it is logistically possible – any volunteers?

      A summary of possible leg lengths now posted under Flyer on Event Page, together (hopefully) with a Google Earth link.

      ENTRY FORMS for interested parties now posted under Flyer on the Event Page.

      Remember the date JUBILEE TUESDAY June 5th – there will not be any bigger celebrations anywhere else that day!

      GOOGLE EARTH ROUTES NOW ADDED  Under Final Details on the Event Page

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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