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    Peter Harris

      15 HALOites successfully completed at least 4 events to qualify for a finishing position at the Scottish 6 Days. Their respective overall positions were:

      W12A Emma Van Dam  53rd out of 73

      W16A Yasmin Field        47th out of 91

      W50S Rosie Field          54th out of 139

      W55S Isoldt Harris        68th out of 78

      W65L Mary Carrick        56th out of 76

      M14A George Van Dam 41st out of 104

      M14A Joe Field              80th out of 104

      M20L Zac Field              20th out of 62

      M20L Jake Field             45th out of 62

      M45S Andrew Houlden 83rd out of 107

      M50S Dean Field           14th out of 107

      M55S Peter Harris         92nd out of 139

      M55L Neil Harvatt          97th out of 209

      M65L Brian Slater          145th out of 152

      M70S John Butler           22nd out of 42

      The competition was certainly tough in terms of both the terrain and the abilities of the rivals from all over the World. I am sure all thoroughly enjoyed their experiences, even Mary who surprisingly had 2 voided scores for failing to complete her course after running off the map and for mispunching!

      To finish in the top half of one’s course was an achievement in itself.

      The weather was predominantly dry, if predominantly cool and the midges were predominantly bearable – so predominantly ideal running conditions.

      The above shows 2 HALOites finishing on different courses at Day 2 – considering there were 6000 entries this is more than a coincidence.

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