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    Brian Ward

      The following events will count for the various HALO Championships for 2024

      HALO Championships, Sunday 21st April, SYO Regional, Sandall Beat and Armthorpe Park

      1. Dave Brown
      2. Pam Brown
      3. Helena Crutchley
      4. Dean Field
      5. Rod Williams
      6. Wayne Byrne


      HALO Trail-O Championships, JK, Loughborough University (EMOA), Friday 29th March

      1. Ricardo Ferdenez
      2. Ann Jolly

      HALO Urban Championships, UKUL, Walkley, Sheffield (SYO), Sunday 16th June

      1.  Helena Crutchley

      2= Pam Brown

      2= Dave Brown

      4.  Isoldt Harris

      5.  Amanda Ward

      6.  Brian Ward

      HALO  Sprint Championships, now incorporated into the YHOA Sprint Champs at Beeston, Leeds (AIRE), Saturday 6th July.

      1. Pam Brown
      2. Helena Crutchley
      3. Jackie Edwards
      4. Mary Carrick
      5. Dave Brown
      6. Isoldt Harris



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