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    Neil Harvatt

      For the first time this season, we had a totally indoor session.  The next two weeks are going to be definitely outside as the Gym will be in use by the school for examinations, so it was nice to hav ethe warmth and dry of the gym.

      We started off with some gentle warm-ups (well, they were meant to be gentle but the competitive nature of some, meant that they took the light-hearted relay part more seriously than required and consequently Yasmin’s team were disqualified!  And yes, this was just the warm-up).

      The popular Last Man Out bearing exercise followed.  This involves running around a circuit until the whistle blows – at this point you go to the next map in the circuit and wait for the code.  The code indicates which bearing on the map you have to follow and then using a compass, it is a race to get to the correct corner of the gym.  Last person there is knocked out.  This continues until only one person is left.  This week Rosie and George were faultless with their bearing work, and it was only Rosie’s superior speed that separated them on the final leg.  Victory for Rosie.

      The evening finished with five separate sprint courses in the gym.  There was an initial prolem with the set up as three of the gym benches that were there last week had disappeared, fortunately Brian was on hand to save the day by tying barrier tape between some of the remaining benches to replace the missing benches.  The benches represent fences and cannot be crossed, so, as well as being fast and furious, there are lots of route choice decisions to make.  Course E can be viewed here. There were many fast times and the leading three were Paul, Yasmin and George.  The evenings results are here.  Even though the Gym is small, orienteering-wise, it is still possible to practice many Orienteering skills such as Map Orientation, Thumbing the Map, Route Choice, Planning Ahead, etc.

      See you all next week at 6:30 and don’t forget your outdoor gear (there are some head torches that can be borrowed).

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