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    Neil Harvatt

      Another pleasant evening greeted the participants for this week’s club night.  Not only good weather but the largest turn-out so far this term, it was especially good to see the Chairman back after his enforced stay in Spain.  However even with this good turn-out, there is still capacity for more so if you know anyone who would be interested please let them know.

      The evening commenced with a warm-up run around the course that would be used for the later training exercise.  This, on reflection, wasn’t the best idea as many of the tapes marking the path directions were inadvertently kicked and ended up pointing in the wrong direction.  This week’s technical exercise was, as last week, a map orientation and compass bearing practise. Again the exercise was completed in the dark with the use of headlamps.  However, whereas last week’s courses were based on a uniform square grid, this weeks difficulty was increased by the more random nature of the paths and junctions.  This is a good exercise for beginners to be able to decide which junctions to turn at, and also for the more experienced who could gamble on their compass expertise and take the more direct route.

      There were five courses to have a go at, and only two mistakes were made all evening, both by people who should know better!!

      The evening finished off indoors with a map symbol matching relay exercise in which the girl team easily outscored the boys teams.  There was a slight confusion at the end when we were left with four unmatchable cards, two knoll symbols and two boulder text descriptions.  It turned out that I had allowed black dot symbols to be matched with the knoll text description.  My only explanation (and it’s taken a couple of days to think of one) was that without my glasses on I confused brown for black!

      For those that need to know more about map symbols there is a handy information sheet here.

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