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    Neil Harvatt

      The weather was not as kind tonight as it has been in recent weeks, with squalls hitting the area towards the end of the evening. Despite the later rain, the outdoor activities had only to be curtailled slightly, the worst hit were those who volunteered to collect the controls in later on – many thanks.

      The outdoor activity was a true test of participants memory, as well as their ability to navigate in the dark.  Two seperate maps were available.  Map 1, which was of the school, had 10 lettered control sites marked on, however this map was fixed to the wall (hence the memory test, although the younger inexperienced members were allowed their own copy, but keep that quiet because the others didn’t know this!) Everyone started at a different letter and navigated to that control, that control had a number attached.  They then had to navigate to that numbered control on Map 2.  Map 2 was a “white map” approximately 150 metres by 100m on a N-S-E-W grid.  On the map were short streams (marked on the ground by red/white tape between stakes, typically 20 metres apart.)  The aim, in the dark but with headtorches, was to navigate to the correct controls using a variety of techniques.  This could be by taking a direct bearing (risky but quicker) or go for the safer method of aiming for an obvious stream then use this to find the control.  Relocation techniques were also able to be practised!  The numbered control would have a letter on it, this was then the next control on Map 1.  If done correctly this would form a loop of 10 controls (5 on each map) before getting to the start letter.  Only Rosie and Joe managed to do the full loop, no-one made mistakes, but others retired early due to the rain.  (Rosie and Joe were the wettest).

      The evening finished with three seperate sprint courses in the Gym.  Results are here.

      Next week is half-term at school, so the next session will be Monday November 1st (6:30pm Girls Gym, Longcroft Upper School, new members always welcome).  Advannce notice the Gym will be unavailable on November 8th and 15th, so the majority of the activities will be outdoors, so please dress accordingly.


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