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    Neil Harvatt

      At last – a pleasant and sunny evening, but with a slightly later start of 6:30pm the sun was setting fast and the outdoor activities only just finished as the last of the evenings light faded away.

      The technical part of the evening focussed on estimating and pacing distances.  Participants had to follow a line course marked on a map using their pacing skills.  Five items had been placed on the ground along the line course and the participants had to accurately mark on their map the position of these items (if they found them!).  This was completed quite successfully despite one person (no names) expecting to find one item at every turn on the course – not only would this require around 15 items per course (yes, there was more than one course), it would also be an easy exercise to mark the positions of the items (mark them on the turns in the course!).  Listening skills!!  The second pacing exercise was more complicated and involved SI timing and a small maze section.  Participants had to navigate through the maze to a fixed control, from there they had to run to a further control that was the correct distance away according to the control descriptions.  Then to a second fixed control via the maze and then on to the correct control, distance wise, repeated five times.  If that seems complicated, it sounded even more complicated on the night.  Despite this everyone (except two) completed it successfully! The Van Dams dominated this exercise with Paul, George and Maria posting the fastest three times. The course can be viewed by clicking here – the distance controls are not on the map, participants have to estimate which one was the correct distance away and run to it.

      The evening was completed in the gym with two fast and furious courses using benches for fences.  One of the courses can be viewed by clicking here.  Yasmin demonstrated her speeed and skill by having the fastest overall time on the two courses, winning the first course by 10 seconds.  Joe, George and Paul also posting fast times.

      The results of all three SI courses can be viewed here

      More participants are needed for the Club Nights, if any member knows of anyone who may be interested please pass on the information.  The Club Night runs every Monday during term times at Longroft School, Beverley from 6:30 to 8pm.  For South Bank inhabitants, the Grimsby Club Night runs on Wednesdays at The Oasis Academy, Wintringham.

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