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    Neil Harvatt

      A wet and misty night greeted this week’s participants.

      A brief warm up was followed by the timed 1km run.  Many of the times were slower than previously, probably due to the wet conditions underfoot (although in my case there were other reasons-unfit!). Zac managed another impressive sub 4 minutes, and I think Jake mistook the penultimate control for the Finish and was seen walking.  Joe had one of his fastest runs, only 12 secs behind his best-not bad in these conditions.  John and Abbey on their first visit had a very good first run.

      The technical part of the evening focussed on compass work. We went inside for the initial training, then completed an exercise outside. By this time it was dark outside meaning that taking an accurate bearing was all the more important.  Everyone completed one of the available three courses successfully (using headlamps). Click here for course 3.

      The evening finished inside with three courses in the gym. The final course caused the most confusion.  The aim was to punch any 10 controls (there were 20 altogether), but each control must have a higher number than the previous control.  Maps were not available with control numbers on – it was simply a mad dash across the gym hoping to have the best strategy (I didn’t).  Surprisingly everyone took them in a valid order although a couple of people didn’t count to ten very well! – demonstrating that when the pressure is on, simple things become difficult.  Zac, who was fastest on every course prior to this one, could only manage second place behind Paul. Full results for the 1km run and gym courses are here.

      In future weeks, I aim to have a mixture of indoor and outdoor activities, so bring headlamps if you have them.  We have half a dozen to lend so don’t worry if you don’t have one.

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