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    Neil Harvatt

      The weather seems to be getting better each week, (but darker, strange.)

      We welcomed back, this week, the Johns family from Driffield after their Summer break (about 3 months!).  A high leg-kicking warm-up was followed by the Technical part of the evening.

      A network of paths was laid out on the school field using stakes and tapes.  Three courses (example here of course 3) were planned to a Yellow standard, ie making decisions on which path to turn onto and in which direction.  However they could also be run at an Orange standard by cutting corners and running diagonally.  This would require use of a compass to accurately reach the correct control.  Map orientation was also the key to make sure you were heading in the correct direction along your selected path.  This will no doubt appear quite easy as the stakes would be easy enough to see, you may think.  However the exercise was completed in the dark, hence accurate use of compass and map were all important.  The path network was laid out on a 25 metre grid, so that controls were up to 60 metres apart.  The head-torches were used to good effect this week.  SI controls were used and incredibly there was only one mispunch on any of the three courses.  (Click here for results)

      The final activity in the gym was similar to last weeks, except that map memory was required for the three indoor courses.  Instead of a map each, the stingy coach had only printed one map for each course and placed them on the wall.  So once you had forgotten your next control, you had to return to the map to see where to go next.  All good training.  (Click here for results).

      Thanks, as always, to everyone for helping to collect equipment in at the end and to the Johns family for setting up the indoor courses.  See you all next week, hopefully the weather will remain kind, but you never know so dress accordingly.  Again there will be indoor and outdoor activities.

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