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    Neil Harvatt

      Beverley Club Night Report 7 February 2011

      Tonight was an indoor session, which was fortunate as we would have had difficulty standing up in the gales outside.  I could envisage many maps sailing away in the wind, possibly some young children also!!

      It was good to see two more new members tonight (that’s five in three weeks), they were introduced to the horror that is circuit training following an “introduction” warm-up.

      Compass training and map folding (not that sort of map folding!) were the key elements of the technical training.  Participants had to follow bearings and place a marker on the floor, their partner than had to follow the same bearing and hopefully find the marker.  It seemed to work!

      We finished with the “benches for fences” sprints, five courses on offer and amazingly nearly everyone had a go at all five.  Even more amazing five people successfully completed all five courses, with George have the fastest overall time.  (George seems to be getting the winning habit, he was first on the Yellow course at Brimham Rocks on Sunday.)  On their first attempt at these courses both Lynne (3rd overall) and Jack were among the successful participants – not bad on their first night.  Rosie (2nd) and Maria were the other successful sprinters.  Full results here.

      Next week (14 Feb) should be outside so please dress accordingly.

      The following Monday (21 Feb) will be half-term week.  We hope to put on a night time competition somewhere, possibly Beverley Westwood, Beverley Town Centre or South Cave.  Watch this space

      New members always welcome (6:30 to 8pm, Monday evenings during term-time at Longcroft Upper School Girls Gym.)

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