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    Neil Harvatt

      It was a blustery windy and wet night and the gym was unavailable due to exams.  Great.  Would anyone turn up?

      Yes they did.  We had a good run around the field to ensure we were all warmed up.  Then we repeated last week’s Last Man Out bearing exercise, but this time it was in outside and in the dark.  This involves running around a circuit until the whistle blows – at this point you go to the next map in the circuit and wait for the code.  The code indicates which bearing on the map you have to follow and then using a compass, it is a race to get to the correct kite.  Last person there is knocked out.  This continues until only one person is left.  Again, George was in the last two, this time with Dad, Paul in competition.  George won the family battle and was Last Man Out.

      The evening finished off with a Pick and Take relay.  Player 1 takes the control to circle 1 and returns with map, Player 2 then goes to circle 1 and takes the control to circle 2, etc,etc.  We were unable to complete the full course as we ran out of time, but John and George were declared winners as they were the only pair to get to circle 6.  Well done to all for braving the conditions. Headtorches and waterproofs were certainly essential this week.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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