HALO Coaching Grimsby Club Night 10 Nov (better late than never)

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    Brian Slater

      Usual format this week with a circles outside in the dark and ‘star’ pairs in the sports hall.  Incidentally, two Lincolnshire sportsman, who we know well, probably started their fitness regime here in their early teens, X number of years ago.  Guess Who?

      The controls in the circle were quite hard to find for some participants.  The darkness made the SI boxes, placed on stakes, reasonably illusive.  I had placed a kite on the START and on the CENTRAL control only.  The circles grid was set to North.  Here is an example:- course 3 and another course 5.  The times were mixed, some participants had to begin with a harder course i.e. 15 controls.  Generally as people worked through the courses (sequencially), times-taken tended to improve.  In the darkness it was necessary to use a compass for some legs.

      In the sports hall, using line junctions painted on the surface as control sites, ‘paired teams’ placed and retrieved little red needle punches in a mad frenzy.  A great game to complete the evening’s activities.  Reminder – Don’t forget the ‘cool-down’ which if done properly can reduce aching muscles the next day!  WHY?

      Michael and Jack Robinson (new members this year – but old hands at ‘The Poacher’) joined us at this session after recently completeing the annual Mountain Marathon ‘pairs’ event on Dartmoor.  I believe they had a very favourable result.  They certainly had stamina!

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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