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    Brian Slater

      I’ve managed to get Sportident MT2003 to record 5 events in one 30 minute session, thanks to Neil who appears to be our SI whizz-kid, NOW!  So I can get the report for the night up on the web a little more quickly.  5 stalwarts were there with winter toggs and headlamps.  We were outside for the first hour doing ‘pairs star’ and 5 courses on the MAZE, (example on this link).  As you will see from the diagram control site were accessed by attack-points on the maze.  There were 10cm kites on the control stakes and the SI boxes had flourescent tape, but the approach had to be compatable with the SI box broad end!  What fun!  Sam seems to have dominated this training activity 1st; 1st; 1st; 1st; 1st; even after having a cross-country practice in the afternoon.

      We dispensed with the intervals outside on this occasion and did 3 mad frenzied (great words) paired star courses in the sports hall using 4 badminton courts.

      A tiring time was had by all.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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