HALO Coaching Grimsby on Wednesday 21st July (report) (now with photos)

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    Brian Slater

      Fair weather rewarded those who turned up for training.  The first activity was to follow a line drawn on the map and then mark on the map the position of the controls found.  This meant that participants would need to pace count to get accurate positions.  The answers are here on the map.

      Those doing well had mastered the pace counting technique in 3 sessions.

      The second activity was to race head to head with a matched colleague (for speed) on a circles grid.  The circles grid had some barriers placed strategically to make the straight line route impossible on some legs.  There was an element of route choice a temptation to lose concentration with lots of other participants competing on the grid at the same time but on different courses.  Circles course results.

      Photos of the Circle courses have been added (thanks to Malcolm for taking them).   See Gallery

      Next week is the end of term session which will have some maze type courses in preparation for 5th August, and some sprint courses of approximately 2km each.  Afterwards we will be socializing in the Trawl.  Neil and I have already checked out the ‘Curry and a Pint’ @ £4.99.

      The coaching sessions in Grimsby have averaged 10 participants so I am very pleased.  It makes all the hard work in preparation very worthwhile.  See you all in September (and tomorrow!).

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