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    Neil Harvatt

      The very first running of the Lincolnshire Challenge Shield saw HALO victorious. (Full results and RouteGadget can be found on the LOG web-site)

      An excellent event was organised by Paul Murgatroyd and his LOG colleagues, featuring testing courses through the University of Lincoln campus in addition to a complex maze section both before and after the conventional controls.  This was then repeated for the Chase finale.  The complexity (and the pressure) caught out many an experienced competitor.  There were so many mispunches that it was touch and go whether any team would have enough counters for the team score.  Brian Slater, as good coaches do, set an example for us all (I’ll let you look at the results to see what sort of example it was!)  It was good to see such a strong HALO turnout (this turned out to be our trump card).  LOG had provided a very good assembly area with views of much of the course as well as the Maze.  Watching fellow competitors navigate (or not) their way through this was great entertainment.  They even arranged good weather.

      If I have understood the results correctly, LOG finished with 2 Juniors (but no females), 10 Seniors (6 female) and 4 Veterans (but no females).  Unfortunately the lack of female finishers in the Juniors and Veterans meant they could not muster the required 10 according to the rules.  HALO finished with 2 Juniors (1 female), 6 Seniors (4 females) and 9 Veterans (3 females), hence we were able to field 10 valid finishers and therefore we were declared the winners.  Our scorers were Sam and Yasmin (Juniors), Brian W, Helena, Helen and Andrew (Seniors) and Neil, Pete H, Mike and Mary (Veterans).  The outstanding performances, I think, were the two scoring Juniors.  Whilst HALO’s International Juniors were mispunching at high speed, Sam and Yasmin kept it together and were able to complete their courses successfully, thus ensuring HALO had enough counters.  Well done!

      The evening was finished of with food and drinks at a local hostelry, so local it was on the map, also boasting views over the Marina.

      Thanks again to LOG for organising an excellent evening. Our turn next year, provisionally it will be held on the Wednesday after the final Poacher event of the 2011 series.  Venue to  be announced.

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