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    Neil Harvatt

      We have now got an excellent turnout for the Compass Sport Trophy on March 12th – 35 members click here for start times.  Entries in red/yellow indicate recent amendments.
      A full list of competitors and start times can be viewed on the LOG web-site

      On Sunday March 12th, LOG are hosting the local round of the Compass Sport Trophy, to be held at Burwell and Haugham near Louth.  This is a working mixed deciduous and coniferous woodland, with some contour detail and a detailed path network.   The Compass Sport Trophy is the main team competition in the Orienteering calendar and I hope we can get as many members as possible to take part to represent HALO.
      We need as wide as spread of ages as possible to maximise our scoring potential.  In this year’s competition we are just competing against our old rivals and friends from LOG.  The bad news is that we are already one runner down as club stalwart Peter Harris is the controller for the event, the good news is that he will let us all have a look at the courses before the event [Probably best not to put that bit on the web-site, Ed.]
      The available courses (with age groups) are as follows:-
      1 Brown Men Open
      2 Short Brown M20- M40
      3 Blue Women Women Open
      4 Blue Men M50
      5 Green Women W20- W45
      6 Green Men M60
      7 Veterans Short Green M70 W60
      8A Junior Men (Green) Men 18-
      8B Junior Women (Short Green) Women 18-
      9A Orange Men Men 14-
      9B Orange Women Women 14-
      Please let me know as soon as possible (with dibber and BOF number, age class and preferred course) if you are available to run for HALO on that date.  I will coordinate all entries and HALO will pay the fees.  It is intended to run another social alongside the event in the same way as the very popular Cake competition that Helena organised in 2015 at Sherwood Pines (created more interest than the orienteering!!  Contact Neil Harvatt ().  Please also let me know if you are unavailable to represent your club.

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