HALO’s first Virtual Permanent Orienteering Course (MapRun) goes live!

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    We are pleased to open our VPOC at Victoria Dock Village in Hull

    We have set this course up primarily for personal training, and not for competition, and we have decided to keep it open for a substantial length of time so participants can go back and try to improve their time/fitness by either choosing a better route, by improving their map reading skills or by running faster or further. The course is open to anyone who wants to have a go (see advice below) as well as HALO Club Members.

    This form of orienteering has no orange kites or control plaques but makes use of the GPS facility on modern smartphones. Participants download the MapRun6 app, available for both android and iPhone, download the map they need to their phone and print themselves a paper copy of the map. For more detailed instructions as to how to get going – and the paper map- click on the tabs below. If you have a suitable Garmin watch then advice as to how to set it up as on the tab as well and you will then have no need to take your phone out with you.

    On the maps (phone and paper) we have indicated a Start/Finish but we have set the course up so you can choose to Start and Finish at any of the control sites that you want. (Start and Finish must be at the same control though). When you start the MapRun app will automatically designate your chosen starting control as the Start/Finish. It will also, change the Start/Finish showing on the phone map to be just another control that needs to be visited, but obviously we cannot change that on the paper map too! You need to visit all the controls to record a successful run on the MapRun server.

    Naturally we want you to stay safe, cause no damage or upset the locals.

    With that in mind there are some conditions that we need be aware of and agree to before you go out:

    All current Covid-19 laws and Government advice should be followed

    The course is not suitable for unaccompanied under 16s whilst they are are participating

    These events take place on streets, footpaths and open places. Pay attention to the usual urban risks: traffic, slippery surfaces, blind corners, kerbs, etc and stay well clear of other people in the area

    Wear clothing and footwear suitable for the activity

    Do not enter any Out of Bounds areas or enter private land. Out of Bounds areas are marked on the map with purple lines/hatching or purple crosses.

    Anyone undertaking a VPOC (MapRun) is doing so in their own time and at their own risk. British Orienteering and Humberside and Lincolnshire Orienteers (HALO) take no responsibility for any damage or injury whilst participating.

    For all you need to get started – click here

    For the Victoria Dock Map – click here


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