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    Brian Ward

      Results from tonights Haverstoe Park MapRun as follows….


      Dave J. 700 points (all 35 controls) in 39:56

      Harriet 660 points (33 controls) in 55:49

      Paul S. 660 points (33 controls) in 59:45

      Helena 620 points (31 controls) in 46:54

      Pete S. 620 points (31 controls) in 54:59

      Jack Darnell 610 points (inc. -10 penalty) 60:36

      Amanda 520 points (26 controls) in 49:35

      Alex 420 points (21 controls) in 49:13

      Pat 320 points (inc. -40 penalty) in 63:21

      Kate 260 points (13 controls) in 42:52

      non-comp (planner) Brian W. 700 points (all 35 controls) in 42:01

      non-comp Brian S. 650 points (inc. -70 penalty) in 66:10


      Once again thanks to Brian S. for map printing and for those who turned out on a really rather nice evening. 

      The boating lake area in particular is very much a fun little orienteering gem and the surrounding streets and parkland offer a great variety of urban terrain to be enjoyed!

      It is getting to that time of year again though and late starters in future events may want to consider charging up those headlight batteries!


      Brian W.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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