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    Neil Harvatt

      HALO has agreed to assist at this year’s event which is taking place on Saturday 6 March and the early hours of Sunday morning.

      There are 25 mixed teams of five disadvantaged young people (aged between 14 and 17) who are required to follow a 12 mile route, mainly off road, starting and finishing at Elsham Hall.  There are five check points on route where the teams have 15 minutes to complete a “challenge”.  Each team will be accompanied by an adult supervisor whose role is in part a safety one but does include, for example, questioning his/her team if they are heading totally in the wrong direction.

      The event commences at 5 p.m. on the Saturday with each team being briefed before partaking of a hot meal. The teams set off from 6 p.m. at 15 minute intervals, the last one going off at 12 midnight. The winning team is the fastest one, subject to satisfactory completion of the challenges, and is expected back after about five hours. There are medals for all finishers and prizes for the first three teams.

      Teams are provided with head lights, rear lights, tabards, compasses, whistles, pens, pencils, maps (which will be ordnance survey based) and map holders. Competitors are not allowed to take mobile phones with them but the supervisors, who will have attended a briefing and walked the route before the event, will have one.  Safety is paramount and the organisers are providing appropriate vehicles, ambulances, helicopters, etc. at strategic locations.

      The organisers/sponsors of the event are Humberside Police, Humberside Fire and Rescue, the High Sheriff’s Trust, and Tesco is providing drinks and snacks for the competitors to take with them.

      HALO has agreed that it will provide some manpower and all the necessary SI and IT kit for registration, start, check points, finish, download and results, as well as start and finish banners, start clock, stakes, kites, etc. We could do with a few more helpers, so if you would like to support such a high profile and worthwhile event, please contact Neil Harvatt or John Butler. The organisers will be operating a shift system so you will not have to be out for the full 12 hours – unless you would like to!


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