JK success for HALO: Charlotte is Women’s champion, Victory for Emma also.

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    Neil Harvatt

      As the dust begins to settle, it is time to reflect on the success that was this year’s JK Orienteering festival.  Success in many different ways.  The festival was a collaboration between the six Yorkshire and Humberside clubs (AIRE, CLARO, EBOR, EPOC, HALO and SYO) and featured events at Leeds University, Wass Forest in the Yorkshire Moors, Kilnsey in the Yorkshire Dales and Storthes Hall near Huddersfield.  The whole event was a success, over the last two years, the six clubs have got together to put on the four top level events, expertly coordinated by ex-HALO and current CLARO member, Mike Cope.

      HALO members helped throughout the whole weekend, but HALO’s focus was on the Friday sprint event at Leeds University.  The courses, which were universally acclaimed, were planned by Brian Ward.  The safety officer for the whole weekend was Ken Hutson – you should see the amount of paperwork that that role involves.  Not content with that onerous role, Ken was also the assistant organiser for the Friday event at Leeds, helping me out as Organiser.  Brian Slater had the thankless task of coordinating all the SI equipment for Friday, which included a separate set for the elite contactless punching course.  Communications expert David Jolly managed the radios for the four days.

      The following members also provided invaluable help on the Friday:-
      Paul Beresford; John Butler; Mary Carrick; Danny and Helen Chan; John and Sue Chaney; Helena Crutchley; Barry and Jackie Edwards; Alex and Kate Gymer; Isoldt and Peter Harris; Andrew Houlden; Anne, Marsaili, Elspeth and Flora Jolly; Pete and Julie Shew; Paul and Patricia Simmons; Alex, Jacob and Sally Smith; Mike and Dorothy Smith; Paul, Maria, Emma and George Van Dam; Stuart Whittingham and Matt Williams.  That’s a great turnout for a club of our size – I do hope I haven’t missed anyone!
      Inevitable with more than 2100 competitors, there will be the odd niggle (two I think), but I was overwhelmed by the huge number of positive comments received, both for the technicality of the courses and the overall organisation.  That is all down to the hard work of the volunteers on the day, many of whom, helped for the whole day without having a run.

      Success also came on the courses for HALO.  Emma Van Dam won the W12 class by over 30 seconds and very impressively Charlotte Ward won the Women’s Elite class with a healthy winning margin. – Wow!!  Women’s champion – well done Charlotte.
      Other top ten results were: Pete Shew (6th on M70); Elspeth Jolly (9th on Novice).

      Top ten finishers on Day 2 at Wass were: Paul Simmons (10th M65S); John Butler (8th M70S); Emma Van Dam (9th on W12A); Helena Crutchley (2nd on W50S).

      Top ten finishers on Day 3 at Kilnsey were: Emma Van Dam (3rd on W12A); Jackie Edwards (10th on W60S).  The weather devastated the field with horizontal hail storms and a white out plus the odd burst of sunshine.

      Best overall finisher for Days 2 and 3 combined was Emma Van Dam – 5th

      In the relay competition at Storthes Hall, five HALO teams competed against each other in the Ad-hoc class.  First HALO team home were the Wards (Brian, Amanda, Charlotte); who had a 9 minute lead over the Van Dams (Paul, Emma, George).  5 minutes behind them were Peter & Isoldt H with David J.  A mere 19 minutes later Neil H, Mary C and Brian S rolled up, and just 6 minutes later the final HALO team of Chris and Dom S plus Alex S.
      The three relay legs were run in the order of Medium, Short and Long.  Fastest HALO member on Medium was Brian Ward.  Emma and George Van Dam were both fastest on the Short and Long legs respectively.

      Full results and photos can be found on the JK web-site

      Neil Harvatt, (very proud) Chair.


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