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    Peter Harris

      The number of Leagues and competitions that Orienteers can run in seems at times endless and can be exemplified by the fact that HALO’s Event in April at Thirsk is actually in 4 different Leagues.

      HALO League – Yorkshire Urban League – UK Urban League – UK Orienteering League

      Also individually competitors can also amass BO Ranking points, gain BO Awards and also achieve Colour Coded Standards at this one Event. 

      Lastly at this Event UK Orienteering League Club points can also be gained.

      So let’s hope you all have a good run when the time comes and can score plenty of points in all these different competitions!


      Unfortunately all these different competitions are probably daunting for any newcomer to comprehend. However complicated the constituent Rules of the Leagues are, the actual format of the Events are all relatively simple. So if you can compete successfully at a Local Event you can easily compete at Regional and National Events and have the added bonus of being eligible for all those extra Leagues.


      Below I will try to explain all the Leagues that HALO members can run in.


      HALO like most Clubs have their own Leagues in order that Club members can compete against each other. Some are handicapped to allow for age and gender differences so that all competitors can compete on an equal footing.

      HALO League – this competition takes place annually throughout the year from Autumn to early Summer, generally at Regional Events within 50 miles of the HALO area. These can be on either a Saturday or a Sunday. There is a mix of events of various disciplines totalling approximately 15 with the best 7 or 8 scores counting. Scores from these are handicapped. Organisers, Planners and Controllers at the HALO Events receive an average score. This is open to all HALO members, including 2nd Club members and is designed to determine the Club’s ‘best’ orienteer during the year.

      Pub League – currently HALO have 2 such Leagues, one in the Autumn (Sept/Oct) and one in the Spring (Feb/March) both are identical with 6 Events (3 North Bank & 3 South Bank) on Tuesday evenings. These are all 45 minutes Score Events with generally 20 Controls to try to collect within the time limit. Penalties are given to those who exceed the time limit. As these are also age/gender handicapped they are competitive and Winners on the night generally come from all classes. These are generally run in urban environments so Juniors have to be accompanied and Hi Visibilty clothing is required. Planners receive an average of their best 3 scores. The best 4 scores from the Series determine the winner of the League.

      Winter Night Park Sprint League – this Winter (Dec/Jan) HALO are holding 6 Events (3 North and 3 South) at Night (Tuesday). These are suitable for all, designed to give orienteers practice at nights and practice at sprints. They will be held in Park environments so they will be marginally less technical. There will also be 4 courses of various lengths (1km/1.5km/2km & 2.5km) and competitors can run either 2, 3, or 4 courses. Placings will be handicapped and based on average speeds. Should be fun!

      Poacher – 2018 will be the 21st year that HALO have run this Series. Since the first event only minor changes to the format have taken place. Briefly : 11 Events, Wednesday Evenings, April to June, 3 Courses, Best 8 Count, Jokers for Planners, Predominantly Forests, 9 Trophies to be won, Not handicapped – plenty of Post Race Analysis! The fact that the Series has run for such a long time is a reflection of its popularity and to the innovative thinking of Pete K in its conception, as it was the first midweek Series (or virtually the first) held by Clubs in the country.

      Lincolnshire Urban League – this League is run by HALO in conjunction with our Lincolnshire neighbours LOG. There are 6 Events, typically in Market Towns throughout Lincolnshire in June and July; 3 organised by HALO (Wednesday Evenings) and 3 organised by LOG (Thursday Evenings). There are 3 courses with trophies awarded to top Gender Scorers on each Course. It is also a Team Event whereby members from HALO and LOG compete against each other. Members from other Clubs welcome.

      Other Clubs also have their own Local Leagues which are open to Members and non-Members of other Clubs e.g. LOG Fight the Night, LOG Park Series, EBOR Night Series etc..


      Yorkshire Super League –  approximately 10  Regional events throughout the year Jan to Dec at YHOA Club venues. Best 5 scores count. There are specific courses to run for each age/ gender class. Details on the YHOA website http://www.yhoa.org.uk/yorkshire-superleague/  Note can include National Events and can be held on Saturdays but usually on Sundays.

      Yorkshire Night League – each autumn/winter each of the 6 YHOA Club hosts a night event with 4 courses from Novices to Long with the best 3 scores counting. Details on the YHOA website http://www.yhoa.org.uk/yhoa-night-league/  Note theses are generally held on Saturday Evenings.

      Yorkshire Urban League – usually at least 10 Sprint and Urban Events at YHOA venues from Jan to December with the best 6 scores counting. Details for 2017 can be found here http://www.oxfordfusion.com/ukul/index.cfm?&Org=6

      Other Regions – the majority of the UK Regions have their own Leagues but not all have their own Night League and all the Southern Regions amalgamate to form the Southern England Orienteering Urban League. Note some Regional Leagues do not allow competitors from outside their Region to win prizes although they can score points!


      UK Orienteering League – 16 to 20 Events of various terrains held throughout the UK, mainly National Events with a few Regional to make up the numbers. Details can be found here http://www.ukorienteeringleague.org.uk/page/Home Note : individual scores are also included in a Club League table as well.

      UK Urban League – This popular League comprises of approximately 20 Urban and a few Sprint events throughout the year and covers the whole UK. Very often the urban events are part of multi event weekends.There are 7 courses covering all age ranges. Details here http://www.oxfordfusion.com/ukul/index.cfm?&Org=2


      Euro City Race League – Approximately 8 Cities in UK/Belgium/France/Italy/Spain & Portugal host multi Event weekends with the Urban City Races on the Sunday forming the League. Details here http://cityracetour.org/about Note the Age Classes differ to the UKUL & the UK Regional Leagues at the SV Level (50 rather than 55).


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