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    Peter Harris


      General Information

      1. Entries: £4.00 per adult; £2.00 juniors; Families £10.00; SI card hire £1.00

          Payments for all the HALO events will be asked for retrospectively at the end of the series by BACS transfer to the HALO account – Details will be issued after the last HALO event

          (LOG will have their own different system in place for their 3 events probably using SIEntries)

      2. Under 16’s must be accompanied on all courses except the ‘short’

      3. 3 courses;

          Short aproximately 1.5-2 k; Medium aproximately 3.5-4 k; Long aproximately 5.5k

      4. Hi Viz recommended

      5. Start times between 17:30-18:59 hrs in 15 minute blocks (pre-booking only – see below)

          (18:59 being the last envisaged start time)

      6. HALO members who do not have an SI card will be issued one at the start of their first event (and the same SI card number will be used for their sole use for the rest of the series).

          It is hoped that LOG members will have their own supply

          Independants – we will hire /issue a dibber on an event by event basis, but these must be handed back in after download.

      7. Toilet facilities are not guaranteed; At some venues there may be retail /other council facilities available nearby.

      8. The full BO guidelines on the resumption of events are published on our website.

      9. The BO Code of Conduct should be followed.



      1. Please e-mail by midnight of the Monday prior to the event –

      2. The following details are required:-

          Name, age class, course, event, SI card number or Hire, BO number, club, preferred start window slot (e.g. 17:30-17:44, 17:45-17:59), plus contact telephone number for ‘Track and Trace ‘ purposes.

      3. New members are welcome to attend but please e- mail beforehand, so a fuller briefing is issued.

      4. Please note we will endeavour to accomodate your preferred start window but this is not guaranteed – We will publish the full start time list prior to the event.

      5. We will be allocating 8 slots per 15 minute window; This leaves 2 ‘spare’ slots per window for late arrivals / officials.

      6. If demand is particularly high, the time windows may be extended.

      7. Strictly NO Entry on the day

      8. Course changes may be permitted dependant on map availability but this is not guaranteed.

      9. If after entering, you are not able to attend for any reason, please e- mail to the above address as soon as practiably possible.



      1. Only 6 people are allowed to gather at the Start at any one time ( including officials), therefore please arrive during your window but do not exceed this number in the vicinity of the start.

         This may mean waiting in an adjacent area.

      2. Start official will maintain a register of starters and issue any dibbers as necessary without handling them.

      3. Starts will be at 1 minute intervals with only 1 person setting off at a time, (even if on different courses)

      4. It is envisaged that the start official will place maps under the resepctive course box using tongs without handling them.

      5. Late arrivals – If you arrive late, best endeavours will be made to accomodate you at the next available time slot.



      1. There will be an official in the vicinity of the finish – this will usually be in a car

      2. The finish will not be in the start area, but generally within 400 m of the start –  Please do not congregate around the finish area

      3. Please download as instructed – Where feasible, paper results will be printed;

          NB. Competitors may be required to tear off their own result print outs.

      4. There will be no results displayed on a screen but it is hoped that our live results system will be accessible via mobile phone.


      Kite collection

      1. Gripple keys and gloves to be issued & used.

      2. All used equipment to be placed in bags / containers and returned.

          NB. the SI boxes need to be turned off so must be left accessible.

      3. The equipment will not be sorted at the event site, but should be passed on to the next HALO event planner.





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