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    John Butler

      There were 31 pre-entries for the New Year’s Day event including non-running partners, with 4 people were unable to make it on the day.  Using the new Beverley Town map, 7 teams of 3 were allocated as shown to try and achieve a balance with the following results – 


      Team Team Team Team Team Team Team
      1 2 3 4 5 6 7
      Paul Murgatroyd Zachary Field Brian Ward Charlotte Ward Neil Harvatt Jake Field Mike Smith
      Mark Tyszka Amanda Ward Brian Slater Ken Hutson Sam Hutson Paddy Neligan David Ward
      Mary Carrick Dorothy Smith Fran Humphrey Paul George Van Dam Pat O’Grady Mal Humphrey Maria Emma Van Dam
      442 429 427 508 462 467 367
      1st 3rd 2nd

      Other attendees included Diana Tyszka, Ingrid Slater, Anne O’Grady, Yasmin Field, Joe Field and Roseanne Field, who did a superb job in the kitchen preparing the banquet for after the event.  Thanks also to Dean Field for organising what was clearly an enjoyable and successful event. 


      Congratulations to Charlotte Ward, Ken Hutson, Paul & George Van Dam who won the event. (NOTE – All regular attendees of the Beverley Club Nights and another testiment to benefits of Neil’s and the two Brian’s coaching.) The team balance seemed about right, although Ken Hutson’s tow from Sam Hutson gave Team 4 the edge.  


      Brian Ward has volunteered to put on the 2011 event  on behalf of winning team member Charlotte and has already started to put his cunning plan into action. 

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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