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    Peter Harris

      In order to keep you on your toes this  Poacher season some new formats will be introduced. Nothing too complcated but should produce more competition with the introduction of voluntary head to head racing.

      Poacher 7 Central Park, Scunthorpe

      The 3 usual courses will be run (Short, Medium and Long). However for the Medium and Long competitors there will be 3 different versions all identical in terms of distances and controls visited but in 3 different orders. So competitors can start at the same time (i.e. 2 or 3 setting off together), so that rivals can race against each other.

      The full details can be found here.

      Poacher 8 Kingsway Gardens, Scunthorpe & Poacher 10 Baysgarth Park, Barton

      For these two events another format will be introduced.

      There will be 3 courses all approximately 2kms (A,B & C).

      Short competitors will run Course A;

      Medium Competitors will run Courses B & C;

      Long Competitors will run all 3 Courses A, B & C.

      In order to extend the head to head racing there will be at least 2 versions of each of these Courses. There is no reason why on Courses B & C why Medium runners not can race against Long runners. There will be similar lengths, distances and butterflies so each course is equal. Once again not too complicated.

      However incorporated in these micro sprints there could be a maze. Also controls could be very close together e.g. either side of a tree, so precise navigation required. There will be time penalties of 30 seconds for first mistake or mispunch, 1 minute for second, 1.5 minutes for third etc. As controls will be in close proximity the SIAC air facility will be switched off.

      Poacher 11

      Format yet to be determined.


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