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    Neil Harvatt

      Phew! – what a hectic day.  It started calmly enough at 8am as I put controls out on the pier in the rain.

      Queens Gardens started to fill up with families at around 10:30 as Mary, Ken and I set up the grid and sprint courses. By 11:30 I was wishing I was at home watching the Olympics as we sat drinking tea watching all the families go by with scarcely a second glance at the array of kites in front of us.  Then a couple of brave kids asked us what the kites were for – and we persuaded them to have a go around the grid.  They enjoyed it and had a go at the second course, other people watched and asked if they could have a go.  From then until 3pm the three of us didn’t sit down as families even queued to take part.  On offer were four courses around a grid of kites plus an 800 metre sprint course around the whole of Queens Gardens on a new map.  There was also an urban course of the Old Town and Pier (only used by two groups of people).

      It was difficult to tell how many people took part. According to the printer 285 runs took place, assuming people did four courses, that is 70 people.  However most runs were by pairs or family groups, so we probably had around 150 taking part.  We ran out of flyers for future events (I thought 30 would have been plenty) and lots of club night and club leaflets were taken.

      This was all part of National Play Day, there were around 20 or 30 activities (aimed at families) taking place in Queens Gardens including colouring, a climbing wall, Zorbing, making robots out of carboard boxes and orienteering of course.

      For the record the fastest recorded times of the day were as follows:-

      Grid A-Josh in 14 seconds.

      Grid B-Ellie in 25 seconds

      Grid 3-Ellie in 33 seconds

      Grid 4-Chloe, Milly and Aaron in 31 seconds

      Sprint-Kieron in 4 minutes and 3 seconds.  Particulary impressive as he beat Brian and Charlotte by 47 seconds, allthough they were caught out by a poorly described control!

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