Spring Pub League Commences 20th February in Caistor

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    Peter Harris

      The ever popuar Pub League resumes on WEDNESDAY 20th February in Caistor at the White Hart.

      This season there are a few minor changes which will br trialled.

      Firstly, a new day (evening) – Wednesday.

      Secondly, a revision to the handicap calculations – these will be more in line with parkrun formulae (but still with an element of Orienteering planning, thinking and reaction times). This should benefit the younger members who will now have more attainable target times.

      Thirdly, at the first event, some good news for some there will be no Odds and Evens. However, a Line Course will be incorporated into the 45 minute Score Event. This was first used successfully at our New Years Event in South Cave 14 months ago.

      There will be 18 controls worth 10 points scattered around Caistor one of which will be control 130 (also with a 10 point value). This will be the start for a seperate Line Course of 12 controls numbered 131 to 142 worth 5 points. These will be positioned around Caistor Yarborough School and must be visited in sequential order. Once collected the ‘Score’ controls can be resumed in any order. These controls are optional and can be visited at any stage. If running out of time not all of the 12 Line Course controls have to be found. Those following the sequence will count. If inadvertently an out of sequence punch is recorded (e.g. due to SIAC) as long as the sequence in totality is followed thereon, there will not be any penalties. Note: Control 142 will in effect be the ‘Finish’ of the Line Course and once visited  the Score can be resumed.

      There will be 2 maps : one of the town with the 18 ‘score’ controls (scale of 1:5000) on A4 including number 130, then on the reverse a map of the school premises (scale of 1:2000) with the controls 131 to 142, plus 130 which will be shown as a start triangle symbol.

      This is more straight forward than it may appear but if you have any queries they will be answered by Isoldt or myself before you Start.

      Starts from 18:00 to 19:00.

      Hi vis required.

      Under 16’s must be accompanied by an Adult.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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