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    Brian Ward

      Pending a stewards inquiry, results for tonight’s Lamp-O / MapRun as follows!

      Apologies to all those touch-screen enabled Garmin watch users who suffered in the occasional torrential rain!


      Mike B. 700 points (35 controls – the maximum available) in 50 minutes

      Jackie 580 points (29 controls) in 54:28

      Gerry Symes (Airienteers) 560 points (28 controls) in 57:07

      Pete S. 520 points (26 controls) in 56-57 minutes (best guestimate – **weather affected run!**)

      Isoldt 480 points (24 controls) in 55:01

      Amanda 400 points (20 controls) in 40 minutes (**weather affected result!**)

      Mary 380 points (19 controls) in 57:43 (including unscheduled emergency pit stop!)

      Karen 320 points (16 controls) in 52:39 (should have brought a headtorch!)

      Alex G. 320 points (16 controls) in 53:17

      Pete H. 300 points (15 controls) in 30 minutes (**weather affected result!**)

      Paul S. 300 points (15 controls) in 35 minutes (**weather affected result!**)

      Brian S. 270 points (inc. -70 penalty) in 66:12

      Pat S. 230 points (inc. -30 penalty) in 62:52


      Next week (Thursday again) we move to Hessle courtesy Paul S. for the first of the MapRun “bonus” events – see web-site for details. This will NOT be a Lamp-O.


      Many thanks for those that braved the elements, most finding that Market Weighton, despite needing a few map amendments, made for a most suitable Urban competition area.


      Brian W.


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