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    John Butler

      The aim of the new British Orienteering Ranking Scheme is to rank regular and competent orienteers in order of orienteering ability in the hope that this will spur the spirit of competition, thereby helping to raise both navigational and fitness standards and adding to the satisfaction of participating for regular orienteers.  The significant difference between the old and the new schemes is that the old ranking list compared competitors within an age class whereas the new compares competitors, male and female across age classes and courses.

      The new scheme produces a single ranking list based on the sum of the six highest scores obtained by a competitor in the last 12 months in National (Level 1) and Regional (Level 2) events. Short classes (and M/W18B) are ranked, but are no longer ranked separately. Scores are calculated by comparing the average points of other competitors on the same course in the last 12 month period. The list is continually updated as results are received, but its display is refreshed once a week early on a Thursday morning.

      All competitors who are members of British Orienteering and aged 18 and above are eligible to score ranking points which are stored in one list displayed on the British Orienteering website http://www.britishorienteering.org.uk/event/ranking.php. There is the option to customise the list by selecting from the Club, Age and Gender dropdown menus and clicking “Filter”. Using the filters generates a new view of the list and your position is re-calculated based on your chosen parameters. When using the filtered views your overall ranking position, based on the single list, is shown in brackets and if this position has changed from the previous week, the change is displayed as a or – number alongside your ranking position.

      The easiest way to find your position in the ranking list is log in as a member (via the homepage) and then click on the ‘Find me’ button. From the public area of the website selecting your club and gender and scrolling through the list is probably be quickest. Participants are able to see which event the 6 highest scores came from by hovering the cursor over an individual score.

      Further information can be found on the British Orienteering website http://www.britishorienteering.org.uk/news/news.php

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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