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    Neil Harvatt

    The young HALO juniors did a fantastic job at Belton Woods, Grantham. Everyone of the team completed their course successfully, despite many volunteering to run ‘up’ a course to help the team out. Individual points are as follows:-

    Emma  97 points
    Bella  – 93 points
    Holly  – 90 points
    Jacob   69 points
    Elspeth and Amber  – 72 points

    Dominic  72 points
    Emily     91 points
    Luke    69 points
    Marsaili   81 points

    Light Green
    George  84 points

    Considering how inexperienced the team were on their particular courses, the future looks very rosy indeed for HALO.

    Team photo here


    Course results here


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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