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    Brian Ward

      Photo’s from the Monday evening end-of-term event at Longcroft School, Beverley can be found here –


      Thanks to Charlotte and David in particular, for construction of the maze, Neil for providing the Si support and Brian S. for manipulating and printing the maps.

      Thanks to Brian W for putting on a fantastic event (I toyed with using the word amazing, but didn’t want to be responsible for inducing nausea).  Brian created three separate Prologue courses, all of which involved an initial section of three controls in the specially constructed Maze followed by three more conventional controls on the Longcroft site.  The Final Chase required navigating through 10 controls in the Maze (with a Butterfly for good measure!) and then finishing with nine conventional control locations.  There was an added pressure for the final.  We started in reverse order of our cumulative times for the three prologues which meant there were a lot of runners very close together, leading to some exciting head to head contests (not to mention head to head scratching in the maze).  I have run the Club Night at Longcroft practically every week since September and so I consider that I know the school map like the back of my hand.  I managed the Maze section reasonably well (only got stuck in a couple of dead-ends) and set off confidently for the first conventional control.  After about 50 metres, I knew intuitively that something was wrong, but it took me some time to discover I was heading for the wrong set of buildings in completely the wrong direction!  I was not on my own – the concentration required for the fast running, quick turning, micro navigating Maze didn’t allow for any forward planning. (Neil Harvatt)

      The results for the three prologues, the final chase and a combined table can be found here.  Note, if there was a mispunch on any of the four courses, there won’t be a time for the combined table.


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