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    Brian Slater

      10 participants were at the end of term coaching session where several competitions were experienced.  Using the 1 : 3000 map 3 Sprint Courses were planned.  Sam Offler’s Course can be seen here.  Results are displayed here.  No one seems to be able to catch Level 2 Coach, Neil Harvatt who travels miles to events and coaching sessions to keep trim and ‘on the ball’.

      To finish people off, I presented a MAZE session with 4 courses each of approximately 500m in length, (example here).  Participants could practice for the challenge next week when we meet LOG at Lincoln University.  A maze will be incorporated in their course/s.  Neil appears to be victorious again with Sam and Helena snapping at his heals.  Most became more confident as they got used to the shape of the open-ended maze.  The maze was of the chevron/barrier type which enabled the planner to offer many route choices.  Results.

      Those who completed all the courses on the night would have covered a distance of at least 8km.  A bit off serious training and having lots of fun. 

      We will be back to Oasis Academy Grimsby on 8th of September 2010, 6pm.  I think we might start with some ‘aiming off’ techniques.

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