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    Brian Slater

      Some ‘STAR’ orienteering again where one of the pair places a control at a site printed on the map and then the second person finds it and places it on the next control site for the whole process to start again.  But, this course had a slight twist – alternate controls had the description ‘grass’ (or several little bits of grass), and these sites had to be found by pacing in a specific direction.  Who had the hardest job, the person who placed the control or the one who located it?

      The usual interval sets were included 10 X 50m.  I must increase this distance now we/they are getting fitter.

      Indoors it was a mad frenzy as five short courses (example) were attempted using SI boxes placed inconveniently about the hall.  Pete Harris began to exert his speed and concentration to pip the others to the post by a few seconds.  SECONDS COUNT IN ORIENTEERING.  Veteran Dave Offler didn’t do too badly either  Results:- time-taken 5 courses.

      NEXT WEEK – Mazes in the dark.  No not Frank Sinatra’s ghost.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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