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    Pete Shew

      After the last event at Bradford, the HALO League final standings are  . . . [long pause]

      League Champion: Helena Crutchley

      Senior Champion Helen Chan. No further places awarded as no-one with enough events to qualify

      Master Champion Dean Field, 2nd Paul Van Dam, 3rd Pete Harris

      Super Vet Champion Pete Shew, 2nd Mike Smith, 3rd Mary Carrick

      Junior Champion George Van Dam, 2nd Emma Van Dam, 3rd Joe Field


      The next League season will start in September or October, check the web site for League events. Also watch out for some tweaking of the rules and the running speed tables for the 2017/18 season.

      Don’t be shy about competing, if you haven’t been an Orienteering “tourist” then give it a go. No volunteering, no control collection, just turn up, run and the rest of the day is your own. It also gives you a chance to experience different areas, and remember the other clubs are mostly just like HALO, friendly and willing to help out if you are unsure about anything. You could also log in to the HALO web site and use the Car Share feature to save on travel costs.

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