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    Peter Harris

      HALO are this year hosting the Lincolnshire Challenge Shield which this year will be at our Poacher Event at Scunthorpe Central Park on Wednesday 12th June.

      The format will be similar to that we used 2 years ago at Primrose (when we won) with a 2 kms Prologue Sprint where everyone runs the same course. This is then followed by a mass start race where everyone runs their course visiting the same controls but not necessarily in the same order with the use of butterflies and gaffles.

      The second race, mass start will start at either 6.50pm or 7.00pm.

      As far as the Poacher scoring is concerned, Short runners just have to complete the first course but both Medium and Long runners need to do both Courses. Runners will be assigned to the Course that they usually run at the Poacher Events. 

      Lincolnshire Challenge Shield scoring 2019 
      (Same as 2015 and 2017)

      There will be two stages to the event, a prologue and a mass start with each of the stages scored as follows:

      Scoring will be based on a summation of individual points scored by runners from each club across the following categories. There is no limit to the number of runners from a club running at the event.

      1. Juniors (M/W20-)
      2. Seniors (M/W21-M/W45)
      3. Veterans (M/W 50 )

      Runners within a category will be awarded points with 50 for the winner, 49 for second, and so on. For each club, the top scoring fifteen runners’ scores are totalled, subject to the following rules:

      • Each category will have from three to six counters with at least one female and a maximum of four males.
      • The fifteen counters must contain at least four females.
      • There must be fifteen counting runners for the club’s total score to be valid.

      The club’s total scores for the prologue and the mass start are added together to give the final score.

      Disqualification in either the prologue or mass start will result in the individual scoring 0 for that particular stage, but they can still be eligible for inclusion in their team’s final score by scoring well in the other stage.

      The club with the highest final score is to be announced as the winner of the Lincoln Challenge Shield.

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