13/03/2019 Spring Pub League 4 - Cottingham

This was an epic event designed by Paul who used the newly invented SCORE/SPRINT format first used at the Caistor Pub League event. For us mere mortals M70s etc we had a big decision to make as to when to leave the sprint section to maximize points. Pete Shew left at 8 to claim more of the 10 point checkpoints, Brian S doggedly pursued all of the sprint course, but thoroughly enjoyed it.

As usual at the the top of the list was BW who was practising last weekend at Sheffield and Royston where he took the highest podium placing at each event.
In second place at Cottingham SCORE/SPRINT was Mike who was over the time limit but still scored enough points to push our chairman into 3rd place.

The first lady in was Amanda who who seems to be sneaking up the results list. She was well ahead of the field by 40 points.

The reasonably clement evening's weather in Cottingham was a welcome contrast to last week's. The BBC weather predicted 11% chance of rain for the Cottingham event, hence the plastic covers for the maps.

Oh Dear! The takings yesterday were down by three £4 fees - Argh! Perhaps people will rack their brains as to whether they handed over any money. Just make it £8 next week and no-one but yours truly will be any the wiser.

Many thanks to Paul, the planner, and the kite collectors Brian & Amanda, Mary and Chris.

Next week - Bottesford from the 'BECKWOOD' as advertised on your newly detailed splits print-out.

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