28/04/2019 YHOA Superleague & Y Baker Heat - Mausoleum (League)

Congratulations to SYO for a convincing win over HALO. The club's team captain had carefully prepared for the occasion. A large team of keen young athletes made a strong statement with their efforts. Well done to the top scorers and of course the supporting runners. Apparently we meet again to compete at the final if HALO can muster up a viable team.

We were very pleased to welcome lots of participants from the North of England who could well have gone elsewhere to compete. However they would then have missed a pleasant run around one of our best and most runnable areas.

Congratulations to all the leading runners, your results will be forwarded to YHOA to score points in the Superleague.

A big thank you to 2 officials Isoldt, planner on her Level C debut, and Wayne, newly qualified controller on his first official event. Wayne kept both the planner and organiser on their toes.

Thank you to HALO and LOG helpers who have much expertise and need little instruction on the organisational tasks.

We always name the 'collector ins' as this is a task done after a usually tiring day of other activities. They were Mike & Dorothy Smith, Pat and Paul Simmons, Helen Chan, Craig Lucas (LOG), Pete Harris and Dave Offler.

Thank you the orienteers for the several compliments on the courses and organisation which were made personally to us.

The 'string results' below show the YBT Scores.

Results kindly produce by Pete Shew using OE2012 and some of his own elaborate inventions.

Brian Slater, Organiser.
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Full results
Full results
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