2/09/2020 LUL 5 - Gainsborough

Many thanks to Oli for his imaginative planning providing excellent courses keeping everyone on their toes right to the finish. As a key worker and heavily involved in his school's return on the day of the event it was probably the last thing that he wished he had volunteered to do - especially if he knew it was going to rain as heavy as it did. Also thanks to Pete S for the results and sorting out the dibbers so quickly - one problem of having an unmanned download is if competitors use different dibbers to those on the registration. similar thanks to the Brian, Oli, Isoldt and the Jolly's for kite collecting, especially to David for retrieving 93 which had inadvertently found its way to the top of the lamp post (hope this did not affect anyone's course - no reports of such).
It was a good night for the Ladies with top 3 on the Short and top 5 on the Long - may even see a top position on the Long next week. Well done Isoldt and Elspeth winning the respective courses and good luck to Charlotte next week.On the Long it was a good night for Mike winning the Long Course after a long journey from the deepest of deepest LOGLand.
As our LUL events have now concluded don't forget to settle your accounts asap.
Hope to see as many as possible at the LCS/LUL6 next week in Lincoln East.
Thanks for supporting us with record numbers at this year's LUL Events.
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