15/05/2013 Poacher 6 Brompton Dale/Halliday Hill

Paul fresh from his Level B planning exploits at Scardale &
Knapton was able to come up with similarly good courses for this Level D Event – despite the extensive ongoing forest operations currently taking place. The mins per km were still low with the runnability not being an issue.

On the Long it is now Zac 3 Liam 2 so potentially like last season we might have to wait for injury time to decide the outcome. Good results from Lawrence and Helena making the top 10 this week. The rivalry between Peter R and Ian P continued with only 1 second splitting them.

On the Medium an excellent first win for Scott and a surprise with Joe beating his older sister -a first? Commiserations to Geoff S who unfortunately broke his historic record of competing in all Poacher Events due to illness – no celebratory bottle of beer this year!

On the Short, Jacob’s absence gave Marsaili the chance to take maximum points.

Congratulations to all the Juniors who competed last Saturday and were victorious in the YBT Heat – all the practice and experience in these Poacher Events must be paying off.

Next week we will be tackling the ups (plenty of)and downs (never
enough) of the Wolds – parking (50p per car)at Highfield Farm,
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