3/10/2017 Autumn Pub League 4 - Bottesford

RouteGadget is available for this event. Note that there is no snap to control when drawing your route.
This event was very challenging for all. Megan had placed controls very carefully to create route choices between controls but also to keep us constantly making decisions about a preferred sequence. So well done Megan on achieving a very enjoyable evenings entertainment.

Women doing well were Alison and Amanda with 11 controls each and getting back within the time limit.

Brian excelled on this very complex score event with a full card, although the results don't quite show this as control '120' had been removed by thieves or a thief. Brian's 4 seconds over could easily have been the result of having to circumscribe the rootstock to double check it's disappearance.

Andrew and Neil achieved podium places whilst Brian Hostad was a close contender. They will probably have their own stories around and about '120'. Stuart has made a magnificent come-back after a period of injury being placed 5th over-all.

The first 'ancient' in was Pete Shew who continues to be very competitive after losing his fitness mid-term and then returning to his usual intrepid self. Incidentally he has found a way of us enabling Route Gadget to work for 'Score' type events. Please use it to show the rest of us how well you did, or why you went wrong! Especially I would like to see what routes those 'fasties' took.

Quite a few of you were over-time. The trick is to know what distance you can cover in what time. So, be able to estimate km distance on a 1:5000 map and know your speed over a km then do the arithmetic! 'Simple'.

The score event format makes it impossible for organisers to rectify 'unfair play' caused by 'missing controls'. Sorry can't adjust any times to compensate for the extra searching.

Thank you collectors: - Chris, Alex, Kate, Mike Pete S., Mary & Jackie.

Brian Slater (8 routes by 10.30am Wednesday - Thanks, its great viewing)

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